Middle School Be Aware Program

AHA!’s Be Aware Program for Middle School age students.

An age appropriate interactive Anti-Hazing Awareness Program that helps our youth identify hazing in its infant stages. 
It is documented that hazing starts as early as elementary school. – StopHazing.org


We will teach them with true accounts where it leads so they will recognize it and can avoid getting caught up in its rituals that are seriously injuring and sometimes killing our young people.


We will share with them in open discussion and reenactments. Alternatives to hazing and what to do should they encounter it, the difference between hazing and bullying, the bystander effect, and more.


Our goal is to empower them to be the Agent of Change.  Preparing them for high school and college.  Work with them so that they can be influential in helping to change a culture and mindset that has been around for centuries.  To not only save their own lives, but being instrumental in saving the lives of others.