Military Program

AHA! In the Military

Military Hazing Program

Our purpose is to create thought provoking ways to build lifelong bonds and respect through positive encouragement.

We promote team building and bonding alternatives to hazing, that don’t involve breaking you down through humiliation, degradation, sleep deprivation, torture, etc.  Our message is not to dwell on the way things may or may not have been done in the past, but to concentrate on how we can make it better moving forward.  It is challenging, powerful, real, and interactive…

We share actual military stories, with solutions.  Matt’s Mom will share Matt’s true hazing story and “why” he, and so many of our young people are dying due to hazing.   We talk about the effects of hazing on the hazies, as well as the hazers, as all of which are victims.  We also distinguish the difference between hazing and bullying.

We encourage open dialog and group participation as time allows.