Our Parent’s and Victim’s Advocacy Programs

Parents Program

By educating parents about what hazing is, its dangers, and how to recognize it, our young people have a better chance of understanding it and seeing it for what it is. For this particular activity as part of our outreach we are able to work with the Parent Retreat portion of the E15M Program in the high schools, PTSA meetings, speak with them at various high school and college events and youth group programs, i.e. after school activities and clubs organizations like Rotary and Lion’s Club, etc.

Victim’s Advocacy

Help parents and families who have lost a child to hazing come to terms with their devastation, gently getting them back into society where they are able to make a difference.  Help them with additional unforeseen needs that come with their child being killed in a hazing like the criminal portion and finding legal representation, call to action if warranted.  We go to court with them, hold their hand and explain what is going on.  We listen to and understand their pain as only someone who has lost a child to hazing can.