University, College, High School Be Aware Program

Be Aware (what you know CAN save your life) – High Schools and Colleges

Be Aware is engaging, educational and empowering. We initiate productive conversations surrounding the dangers of hazing and how to recognize it, as well as interactive activities. Matt Carrington’s mother, Debbie, MM, shares Matt’s true hazing story, we show video, we have Q & A sessions, and we explore alternatives to hazing. We also discuss peer pressure, the difference between hazing and bullying, mindset, group mentality, and making better choices. Parents, as well as faculty members, are encouraged to participate in our program.

  • 47% of High School students have been hazed prior to going off to college. 47% 47%
  • 67% of College students joining a club or organization will be hazed whether or not their club or school condones it. 67% 67%

We offer four (4) programs

We offer four (4) programs – if these times don’t work we will do our best to work within your timeframe.

Small Group – 45 Minutes     |     Large Group – 45 Minutes

Small Group – 75 Minutes     |     Large Group – 75 Minutes

Included in our programs:

Education and awareness     |     Interactive activities     |     True hazing story of *Matt Carrington

Q & A     |     Explore alternatives to hazing     |     Personal Development


Preferred program length will determine the amount of time spent on Matt’s story and interactive activities.

The AHA! Movement (Anti-Hazing Awareness) was created in the memory of my son, Matthew Carrington, who was killed in a water hazing while pledging to a fraternity in Chico, CA in 2005. The heinous acts that Matt was forced to endure on the night of February 1, 2005 continued until his brain and heart swelled with water and his liver and kidneys failed. He was left to die in the early morning hours of February 2, 2005, in a cold, wet, sewage-infested fraternity basement.

His death was brutal, senseless, and 100% preventable.

Since 1969 hazing deaths have occurred every year, and lets not forget the thousands who sustain serious physical and psychological injuries. The goal of AHA! is to end the senseless and tragic deaths as a result of hazing by reaching out, empowering and educating our young people, putting an end to this barbaric practice of initiation.

Thank you for your consideration!