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What You Don’t Know Can Kill You.

Established in 2015, the AHA! Movement is a national 5013C non-profit organization created to bring awareness to the dangers of hazing.

  • High School students that are hazed before they go to college 47% 47%
  • College students joining any type of organization that involves any type of initiation will be hazed. 67% 67%

Hazing deaths have been documented every year since 1969, and date back to the early 1800s.

Hazing can start as early as elementary school.

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Our Story

The AHA! Movement was created in loving memory of Matthew Carrington who was killed in a water while pledging a fraternity at Cal State University, Chico, California in 2005. Matt’s Mom, Debbie Smith MM, founded the AHA! Movement to stop the tragic and deadly cycle of hazing and hazing-related activities.

Saving Lives & Educating Families Since 2015

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Who We Are

The AHA! Movement is comprised of members of Matt’s family along with community members united in one common goal—eradicate the act of hazing. City Mayors, members of city council, the past president of California State University, Chico, Matt’s high school best friend and classmate, business and community leaders, and those who Matt touched throughout his short life have joined together to empower our youth with the values of responsibility, accountability, and compassion.

Our Mission

Increase awareness, accountability and responsibility towards eradicating hazing, by empowering our youth through education to be agents of change.

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[insert percentage of states without a hazing law here] (need this from Debbie) % of states don’t have a legal mechanism to punish acts of hazing that result in a death.

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